About Shacara

Shacara is a unique Fashion Social Network for the fashion world, which enables users to create, organize, tag, comment and manage their own fashion page on the platform.

Shacara is a special Fashion Network where you meet people that love and cherish fashion from models, fashion designers and fashion companies local and international. Our aim is to become the world’s most fashionable online NETWORK. Our most valuable treasures are our esteemed fashion oriented users scattered all over the world.

Shacara offers her users a unique opportunity to be famous and make money from publishing their own fashion contents (brands and styles) for people to see, contact, order and buy. They can also make more money by sharing and tagging other peoples fashion brands and products on the platform.

@shacara, we inspire you every day! You can share your daily fashion looks from your mobile devices, and tag the brands you're wearing directly from the Fashion platform, for people to see and comment.

You can find and follow top ranked fashion celebrities, bloggers, models, designers, photographers, brands, etc., from all over the world to keep up with the latest style and fashion trends.

Find out what's trending this season! Search looks by hashtags, brands, products, and specific users.

Find the top ranked fashion bloggers and models in your city! Whether you're based in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Africa, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Seoul, etc., Shacara ranks all users by popularity and geographical location (i.e. every city in the world).

Make money while having fun! .

Everyone can make money by tagging products with links directly to their stores or by using affiliate programs (shacara does not take a cut of your commission so you receive 100% commissions). You're incentivized to share not only who makes that cool dress, shoes, bracelet, etc., but also where to buy it. You will be able to support the brands and influencers you love not just by your likes and follows but when you purchase products from their photos.

All advise and suggestions are highly welcome, do leave us a message contact us.